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Corporate Services

We take care of product warranty and service issues for a range of audio-visual product manufacturers in the pro-audio, cinema, retail and corporate markets.

We provide some of the biggest names in the audio-visual industry (including Tannoy, Adam Hall, Mark Bass, QSC and others) with a full range of in-warranty services including:

  • Customer call centre support
  • Product warranty verification
  • Product collection and return
  • Full repair - module replacement and component level

For distributors of quality audiovisual equipment in the UK we provide a complete technical service which helps them to protect the brand values of the principals they serve.

We also provide technical and service support for cinema chains, night clubs, pub chains and companies with large numbers of venues across the UK and Ireland.

If you are a distributor or manufacturer looking for technical and service support in the UK then please get in touch.

Corporate Services
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Company Address: The Studio, 4 Leeds Road, Sheffield, S9 3TY
Opening Times: Monday - Friday 9.15am - 17.15pm
Telephone: 0114 244 2969