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What We Do

Real Electronics provides a range of technical services for customers in the audio-visual market. These include repairs to amplifiers, keyboards speakers, microphones, studio equipment, lighting systems, lap tops, deaf loops, and vintage audio equipment.

The Real Electronics Team

We also provide a range of services to support the day-to-day operations in the audio-visual sector to companies who do not have their own in-house electronic engineers: these include manufacture of cable harnesses, speaker re-coning, rack building and in-warranty support work. We are the approved service centre for some of the best known companies in the audiovisual sector and work with a wide range of customers from vintage hi-fi enthusiasts to large cinema chains.

Real Electronics started trading in 2005. We are based in Sheffield - in the North of England - and we are a family owned company. You will find us a very friendly and helpful company and very easy to work

Real Electronics Logo

Company Address: The Studio, 4 Leeds Road, Sheffield, S9 3TY
Opening Times: Monday - Friday 9.15am - 17.15pm
Telephone: 0114 244 2969